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Beautiful Taiwan Temple

A Brief History of Taiwan – Part 1

A Brief History of Taiwan – Part 1 Prehistory   There is strong evidence to suggest that Taiwan was settled by humans around 30,000 –...

Vegetarianism in Taiwan

Vegetarianism in Taiwan We get a lot of vegan and vegetarian cyclists asking us about the food in Taiwan so we decided to delve a...

Taiwanese food

Our 5 Favourite Taiwanese Dishes

Regularly voted as the best food destination in the world Taiwanese food is incredible. Here's our 5 favourite dishes.

Pedal Taiwan Virtual cycling race flyer

The Pedal Taiwan Virtual Cycling Race

In partnership with a leading virtual cycling platform, Action Medical, and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. We are excited to announce the Pedal Taiwan Virtual Cycling...

Taiwan scenery

The Final Tour

The guys from STEAM (Sydney Triathlon Endurance and Multi-sport Club) joined Pedal Taiwan for a 14-day tour from the South to the North of Taiwan...