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Pedalling Into the New Year With a Few Resolutions

Pedalling Into the New Year With a Few Resolutions

Hello everyone, the New Year has finally come and we at Pedal Taiwan want to wish our wonderful cycling community a 2021 full of peace, health and happiness. As self starters, we have set some resolutions for the New Year and we want to share them with you!

We know 2020 has been a year full of difficulties. While the start of 2021 has not been the greatest, with the news of a new strain of COVID-19 coming from the UK, we must stay positive and hopeful as we bravely pedal into the new year. 

As with many travel companies, we have had an incredibly challenging time with no travel and tourism since March. Despite this, we are still here and looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us! 

We have been working with our local partners in Taiwan to ensure our cycling tours are ready to roll as soon as travel and borders restrictions are lifted, as well as adopted safety measures complying with International standards. In Taiwan, we have been lucky to have enjoyed an almost Covid-free-life since the first few months. So, we are confident to say that our fully flexible bespoke tours will be the best way to travel away safely and find that connection with nature again.

In the same way, we are confident that we can set New Year’s resolutions to make sure we are ready for whatever is coming next! So, permit us to share with you a few: 

Resolution 1. We will be adaptable. As a small business, we can never get lazy with how we do business and we must be ready to change our methods to ensure we always deliver the most exciting and safe products for our clients.

Resolution 2. We will be supportive. Supporting other small businesses has always been imperative for us, and it is now more than ever. We will continue to work with local, family run businesses, whether that’s bike shops, B&B’s or our awesome local guides. 

Resolution 3. We will remember to treasure what we have. 2020 has been a difficult period for our business, but also reminded us why we do it. Now more than ever we know that we do what we love, and what we love is riding our bikes in Taiwan. We will take some time to do that! 

While hoping to have fewer unpleasant surprises in the New Year, we can’t wait to be fully operational again and guide you through the undiscovered gems of Taiwan! Why not get in touch and build your first 2021 cycling adventure?

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