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Singapore Opening Borders to Travellers from Taiwan

Singapore Opening Borders to Travellers from Taiwan

From December 18th, Singapore will open a unilateral travel corridor with Taiwan. Travellers and Singapore nationals coming from Taiwan will be exempted from the usual two-week quarantine, so long as they have spent at least the previous 14 days in Taiwan before entering Singapore.

The Facts 

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) recently announced the opening of the borders to travellers from Taiwan. Visitors will be able to apply for a single-entry Ait Travel Pass (ATP) exempting them from a 14-days quarantine, provided that they spend the 14 days prior to departure in the island. 

Upon arrival in Singapore, passengers will need to undergo a PCR test and if they test negative, they will be allowed to enter without being required to home-quarantine. One last measure, which is part of the contact tracing process, is that visitors will need to download and register for the traceTogether app upon entering the country, as well as keeping it activated for the entire duration of the stay and for the 14 days after leaving the destination.  

Following 28 consecutive days with no local COVID-19 cases, Singapore’s Transport Minister Ong Ye described Taiwan as a “very safe partner”, adding that he would be keen to discuss an air travel bubble arrangement with Taiwan in the near future. This also followed Taiwan’s decision to shorten the quarantine period for business travellers from Singapore.

What’s next? 

The Singaporean government’s decision was appreciated by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and even though the island has not yet eased border restrictions, we hope this step is conducive to future arrangements.  

Singapore’s reopening of the borders and Taiwan’s very low infection suggest there might be good news for allowing a two-way travel corridor in the near future. Adding to that, it is really positive to see governments working together and come to an agreement to aid the tourism industry. 

The Taiwanese government has not yet released a date for the reopening of their borders to tourism-related travel, so we still aren’t certain when we might visit and get our tours running again. In the meantime, we have taken appropriate measures to make sure we are prepared the moment we get the green light!

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