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Taiwan beach from above

The Best Views in Taiwan

Everyone who has every visited Taiwan will agree that Taiwan boasts many awe-inspiring places. Listing all the stunning places you could visit would possibly be enough for several blog posts or one very long one. So, here we picked out 4 of our most recent and favourite views in Taiwan.

fitness mat

The Best Cycling Exercises Without a Bike

Nothing should stop you from keeping in shape and improving your cycling skills. Here are the best exercises to make sure you stay on top of your game when you can’t ride your bicycle.

Books you must read before visiting Taiwan

What a better way to learn about Taiwan, then in these fascinating books. We have collected our top 3 favourite books that will engulf you into Taiwan’s rich history, language, nature and tales.​

Winter Cycling Tips Everyone Should Know

Winter is fast approaching, it’s getting colder and roads are getting damper and muddier. But this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the fresh air and keeping healthy. Here are some tips to help you through the cold wet months coming.