W h y T a i w a n ?

E x p e r i e n c e t h e c o l o u r , c u l t u r e a n d c u i s i n e o f t h e u n i q u e i s l a n d


Road Cycling's Final Frontier

Whether you want to ride through pristine marble gorges, along untouched palm tree sands, climb the famous Taiwan KOM Challenge, or simply enjoy a home-made bowl of Lu Rou Fan, Taiwan has something for every cyclist.

D i s c o v e r y

For hundreds of years, Taiwan remained a small island on the eastern-most edge of Asia, undiscovered by explorers and only inhabited by indigenous tribes. Since then, many great civilisations have attempted to tame the island, but none were truly victorious upon these monstrous mountains. Some say Taiwan is the final frontier for cycling and others say there is still yet more to discover. An ancient culture infused with a vibrant modernity – Taiwan is waiting for you.

A d v e n t u r e

A droplet island in the South China sea, your Taiwanese adventure holiday could begin in the tropical southern zone of the island. Riding north along the smooth quiet roads in the east, with a cool ocean tailwind coming in from the south, you’ll discover countless hidden riches along the way. Be one of the first to set your eyes upon mighty ancient temples and sacred teal lakes in this incredible country.

C u l t u r e

Taiwan surely has some of the most unique and delicious food in all of Asia. With a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and Indigenous cuisines, Taiwan attracts travellers from all across the world with the sole purpose of feasting. Enjoy a steaming hot bowl of home-made Niu Rou Mien or dare to try one of the many local delicacies – you’ll never be left hungry after a long day of riding.

C h a l l e n g e

Often referred to as the cycling capital of Asia, Taiwan offers cycling routes like no other place on Earth. From the world’s longest climb – the terrific KOM challenge – to serene coastal routes, Taiwan offers a challenge to satisfy your desire for victory. Although Taiwan does offer tranquil routes for the casual rider, with a greater challenge comes a greater reward. Would you be able to conquer Taiwan’s KOM challenge – the world’s longest climb?

A u t h e n t i c i t y

Our unique blend of local expertise and enthusiasm for cycling allows us to have an unrivalled understanding of what you want from a good tour. Unlike our competitors, our experts are passionate about Taiwan specifically and therefore can offer the ultimate insight into the culture, cuisine, history and daily life of the people. In addition to having access to this wealth of knowledge, our tour guides will work alongside you to give you the best cycling experience.