It is time for the final instalment of our Weird and Wonderful Taiwan series, and wow we’ve already had some pretty wacky (but equally awesome) insights into Taiwan. Will this lot take the biscuit though?

So we’ve covered toilet-themed restaurants, fried duck tongues, stinky tofu and musical rubbish trucks, but is there anything that can possibly compete? Of course. Taiwan never ceases to amaze us here at Pedal Taiwan, and we’re not just talking about the cycling, the scenery and the amazing people:


Calling all cat lovers

At Pedal Taiwan the team is divided 50:50 with cat lovers and cat haters, so a visit here will definitely split opinion. But if cats are your thing, then Huotong Village is a village dedicated entirely to, you guessed it, cats. Hundreds of stray cats call this place home and incredibly it has become a tourist attraction. Weird to say the least and don’t bring a tuna sandwich as your packed lunch.


In the interest of balance…

We can’t mention cats without talking about dogs. In perhaps our favourite entry to the Weird and Wonderful shortlist, a bizarre Taiwanese craze has somehow caught on and is apparently all the rage. We still haven’t seen it in action however, but we promise to bring you the latest if we’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one of these poor sods!


The fishermen catch fish with fire

Amazingly this works and every year a handful of fishermen off the northern coast of the country drag in tonnes of fresh sardines by using fire as bait. It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds however as the fish go crazy for the light of the fire – just check out the video! Great news for those of us lucky enough to visit the world-famous night markets of Taipei looking for some fresh seafood…


And finally, what the **** are these?

The geology and geography of Taiwan is spectacular (and the dream for Chris from the Pedal Taiwan team) but what on earth is going on at Yehliu Geopark?! These are the Sea Candles, formed by crushing tectonic forces driving Taiwan upwards, but make sure you keep an eye out for the bizarrely shaped and perhaps even better named Hoodoo Stones.


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