With the southern tip of Taiwan looking closer than ever, we leave the serenity and beauty of the Rift valley behind…for the serenity and beauty of the Pacific Ocean! We’ll take in a few sights along the way as well of course, including a dragon shaped bridge and an uphill river! 

Waking up among the farming community of Ruisui, the hustle and bustle of home seems a million miles away. Life goes on here just as it has for hundreds of years, and as we head south out of Ruisui, following the gentle river running through the East Rift Valley, we’ll get a glimpse of how life has been, and still is, for people in this dreamy farming community.

Turning out of the rift valley for the final time at Yuli, we have a reasonably tough climb to the top of the Eastern range. But, as always, the climb is soon rewarded with a glorious downhill section. Much in the same way as we did on Day 5, we will glide down towards the glorious blue of the Pacific ocean below.

Once we reach the coast, we have found our road for the next two days. However, if stunning Pacific coastline wasn’t enough to keep you entertained, we have a few points of interest along the way thrown into the mix!

The first of these is at Sansiantai, or as it’s more commonly known by english speakers: Dragon Bridge. This incredible structure is designed to look like the back of a dragon, and connects the mainland to Sansiantai Island, where there is also the remnants of an old Japanese lighthouse. It is the prime example of style over substance, since the 10 flights of stairs in the middle make the bridge a real pain to walk across!

Just a short journey further, we will reach the small town of Donghe. This small coastal village, baring one attraction, is entirely unremarkable. The attraction, however, happens to be a stream that flows up hill! That’s all we’ll tell you about for now….you’ll just have to wait to see for yourself!

Finally, a little further south, we will come to our rest place for the night, Dulan. This beautiful fishing village set into the backdrop of the mountains, is an ideal spot to rest up, and prepare for the final stretch of coast tomorrow.


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