We’ve already shown you some of the natural beauty, culture and food of the incredible country of Taiwan – but what about its quirkier side? Chris from the Pedal Taiwan team takes you through a totally different (but equally awesome) side to Taiwan.

Every country is home to some pretty weird traditions, places, foods and festivals – just think of the British obsession with marmite (at Pedal Taiwan we’re split 50/50 as to its appeal), queuing and of course our world-famous pencil museum. And as we investigate in this series, Taiwan is no different…


Eat a truly grubby dinner

In Taiwan this rather bizarre statement is a reality at their now famous Modern Toilet restaurants. Expect to sit on a toilet, eat your soup from miniature toilet bowls and tuck into starters served in small urinals. Such is the popularity of their food – the chocolate ice cream special is a must – that there are now 10 of these loo-themed food joints dotted around the country. Why?!


Explore a futuristic ghost town

This might sounds like a huge contradiction, but just to the north of Taipei lies one of the weirdest ghost towns in the world. Futuristic UFO-style pods, built in the 1970s when style seemed to go out of the window, line the coastline at a semi-abandoned and slightly creepy beach resort. This is the perfect place for a selfie that will have your friends wondering what on earth you’re up to.


A contender for weirdest church?

We’ve bought you some beautiful ancient places of worship from Taiwan already, but this could not be more different… Designed to cater for women (although we think this is an interesting way to do so…), this giant, blue high-heeled shoe certainly stands out and makes a statement. It has to be a contender for the world’s oddest building, let alone weirdest church!


A lip-smacking snack

In a country of such fantastic food it seems bizarre that one of their favourite snacks sounds so grim. The Pedal Taiwan team have yet to sample the supposed delights of “fried duck tongue on a stick”. As odd as it sounds, most night markets serve it so we’ll report back when we’ve had a try – surely it can’t be good?!


Make sure you pop your happy birthday balloon before you travel

Riding Taiwan’s bullet train is an incredible experience (which you’ll get at the end of the Pedal Taiwan tour) as you zoom the length of the country in 90 minutes, just make sure you don’t take a balloon with you. Incredibly these party items are termed “dangerous” and are banned, but for some reason it is absolutely fine to transport your “pet” turtles or shrimps (as long as they are in a small, well-sealed box of course).


And after all this, it’s just a shame the country’s first, only and subsequently last, sex-themed restaurant closed down a couple of years ago…


Keep an eye out for more to come!


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