We may have reached our final destination of Kenting yesterday, but everyone was still keen for one more ride on Day 11. So we headed to Baishawan beach – Taiwan’s very own white sand beach – before riding back through the rain to head out for Julia’s birthday lunch and an afternoon of cups of tea and relaxing in our B&B. 

Chris MJ – November 2nd – 5.59pm

After yesterday’s glorious sunshine sadly our second day in Kenting dawned cloudy, with rain forecast later in the afternoon. So despite an indulgent evening spent trawling through the town’s famous street market and a relatively late 9am breakfast, we rolled out of the hotel for our final ride before 10am to make the most of the dry weather.

Our route took us entirely along cycle lanes to the west of Kenting, via a flat and scenic 30km route. Perhaps a little longer than we anticipated but it was good to get the legs moving again (for me in particular as I jumped on the bike again, but perhaps not for all as there were certainly some sore limbs out there…).Thankfully we made it to Baishawan beach and its golden sand (not quite the white sand advertised) just before the rain arrived. The water was once again the perfect temperature for swimming – it was just a shame that the rain came as we were in the water! So we made a pretty hasty retreat to the truck to get back on our bikes and ride the remaining damp 15km back to Kenting.

The way back was definitely harder – a few small hills and a headwind slowed us down a bit – but we still made it back just after 1pm. A quick shower later and we headed out for Julia’s birthday lunch (which she treated us to – thank you again!) at a Taiwanese steak house. The concept was great. Simply order your meat/fish and then you go up and make your own sides – the greens were once again a highlight.

By the time we left the rain was steadily falling and sadly it hasn’t stopped since. I however have definitely enjoyed a quiet afternoon drinking tea and catching up on the news from back home, so fingers crossed everyone else has!

We’re off out for dinner (if people have any room left after that lunch…) at a seafood grill just down the road on what will be James’s final meal with the group before he sets off tomorrow on another tour – what an effort to do back to back trips!

Then tomorrow Rob and I will be driving back to Taipei whilst the group whizz back north on the high speed rail for an afternoon of sightseeing in the city and our final meal of the trip. What an adventure it has been and it really has flown by – but its not quite over yet… Check in again with us on Sunday for an update from the final day in Taipei and have a look below at the video we’ve put together for Ash and his charity ride for Switchback: