Whether you’re after surfing, sunbathing, sailing or swimming, the beaches of Taiwan have it all. The scenery is dramatic, the sea warm and best of all you’ll be far from the crowds that flock to the rest of Southeast Asia. But where do you head? The team behind Pedal Taiwan have all the answers:

Best Taiwan beaches

Most people think of Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia when it comes to golden sands and a beach holidays in Southeast Asia. But Taiwan is slowly creeping on the radar of sun, sea and sand-seekers from across the globe, and for good reason. The 700 miles of coastline is littered with secret beach spots, especially on the rugged east coast, where 3000m mountains plunge straight into the Pacific and the warm climes of Kenting in the south.

Add to this some of the region’s best food, surf breaks that are well up there with the world’s best and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and you’re on to a winner.

But with so many to choose from, where do you start? The expert team behind the Pedal Taiwan cycle tours have the lowdown and here are their top five recommendations:


Kenting – Jialeshui Beach

Jialeshui beach pedal taiwan

Away from the hustle and bustle of Kenting’s main beaches, this hidden gem is a short 20 minute drive from the main drag. Make sure you hire a surfboard from one of the local surf shacks and catch some waves at one of the premier surfing spots in Taiwan. Our tour ends in Kenting, giving you the perfect chance to explore several of the area’s beaches.


Fongbin Beach

fongbin beach

Situated just off the awesome Highway 11 to the south of Hualian, this natural beach is another surfing hotspot. Before you head down make sure you check the surf forecast and wait for an east wind to build the bigger waves. We’ll cycle past this region on day 7 of the tour.


Penghu Islands – Jibei Beach

Jibei beach

This huge expanse of sand has to rank as one of the most impressive beaches in the entire region. A natural sand spit, it offers swimming on both sides in crystal clear waters. Although off the mainland, a trip to this island archipelago is well worth it, and could be the ideal way to unwind after our tour’s conclusion.


Baishawan Beach

Baishawan Beach

A mere 40 minutes from the capital Taipei, Baishawan Beach could not be more different than the bustling capital. This 1km stretch of white sand is popular with day-trippers and for good reason.


Kenting Beach

Kenting beach pedal taiwan cycling tour

Perhaps the country’s most famous beach, Kenting has the perfect blend of beautiful scenery, soft sand, crystal clear water as well as beachside amenities to keep you well fed and watered throughout the day. We will be sure to visit at the very end of the tour, so grab a cold beer and relax in the Taiwanese sunshine!


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