Pedal Taiwan’s Ultimate Guide to: Taipei – part 3

In case you’ve been living under a rock, and somehow managed to miss them, we have already talked in Part 1 and Part 2 about some of the Pedal Taiwan’s expert tips on what to see, do and eat in Taipei. For now, you find us at the top of Xiangshan, sun setting, night fast approaching, and a slight if perceptible rubbing of the tummy. 

Yes, that’s right, it’s dinner time. Taipei is a culinary capital of the world, with tourists from all over east asia travelling to the city for a night or two simply to experience the cuisine. Thousands of restaurants with millions of recipes, the choice can seem overwhelming. Luckily for you, the team here at Pedal Taiwan have done the hard work for. They’ve put in the hours (and spoonfuls) and narrowed your choice down to two world class restaurants that won’t break the bank!

If the jet lag is taking it’s toll, and you just know that after a meal you’ll need a wee power nap, then there is a local’s favourite right around the corner from Taipei Main Station, close to Meander and the majority of the other popular hotels. Similar to Jin Feng, Fuhong beef noodle restaurant is nothing to look at from the outside. Despite it’s bustling atmosphere, it would be easily missed (and indeed is by most tourists) if you weren’t looking for it.

Wander inside though, and you’re in for a treat. The signature noodles are made fresh by hand every day, and the beef is melt in your mouth tender. The meat not only falls apart with a flick of the tongue, but every morsel is infused with the rich, smokey beef stock that makes this dish one of the most popular meals for any taiwanese. Paired with some fresh kelp from the coasts north of Tamsui and a century egg, this is the perfect dish to round off the day.

However, if at the top of Xiangshan you feel awake and invigorated, ready to carry on exploring, or if beef noodle doesn’t sound like your thing (at Pedal Taiwan we can’t quite understand how it couldn’t be someone’s thing, but hey), then fear not, because xiao long bao awaits.

Nowhere in the city, in the country, or in the world, can claim to match Din Tai Fung for it’s xiao long bao. This world renowned restaurant now has locations across the globe, but it is here in Taipei where it all started. On the ground floor of the magnificent Taipei 101 building you can find the new flagship restaurant of Din Tai Fung which still makes xiao long bao better than anywhere else in the world.

The paper thin dumpling shells conceal the perfect blend of pork and traditional spices, swimming in a smooth silky soup, made fresh every 2 hours to their top secret recipe. The Pedal Taiwan team’s top tip: make sure to order the pork and truffle xiao long bao – there’s a party in your mouth and everyone’s invited.

Dinner finished, and the evening drawing to a close, there’s just time to take in a short stroll through Daan Park. Conveniently placed on the red line between 101 and Main Station, Daan Park is Taipei’s answer to New York’s famous central park. Tree lined walkways and grass spaces block out the noise of the city around, and make it a perfect place to unwind and soak in the warm night air.

In this 3 part series, we have tried to give a taste of what you could see in just one day in Taipei, just imagine what you could see in a week! If you like cycling and travelling, then there is certainly no better way to see this astounding island than with a Pedal Taiwan cycling tour, so get in touch today!


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