With the winter months nearly over, it’s time to think again about our next trip out to Taiwan! And here at the Pedal Taiwan team, there’s always one thing that springs to mind first – food! 

We’ve spoken before about the world class food, and have even compiled a list of some of our favourites. But the food is just so damn good in Taiwan, that we couldn’t just leave it at that, so without further ado, here is 5 more of our very favourite things to eat in Taiwan!!


Century Egg

There are few foods on the planet that looks quite as unappetising as century egg. The french have blue cheese and even in Taiwan we have stinky tofu to assault your sense of smell, but no food can compare visually to century egg!

So named because it looks as though it has been left for 100 years, it has infact only been matured in a special mixture of lime, soy and ash, for a few months. The result is a preserved egg that simply tastes divine..especially when accompanied with some soft tofu and xian yo gao!


Lu Ro Fan

It would be impossible to come to Taiwan without eating Lu Ro Fan, or roughly translated, porky rice. This taiwanese staple can be found in various forms in every corner of the country. Each place has a slightly different recipe, but all revolve around taking a fatty cut of pork, and stewing it overnight in a mixture of soy sauce, star anise, and various other spices.

For anyone who hasn’t had the privilege to try it, let me assure you that after a long day riding, nothing can be quite as satisfying as a big fresh bowl of Lu Ro Fan!


Cheesy Tea

Ok, so truth be told, even the Pedal Taiwan team are torn on this one. If there was a Taiwanese marmite, this would be it….and the loyalty from Team Cheesy Tea is fierce.

The taiwanese obsession with tea is immense. They mix it with bubbles, milk, fruit, you name it. So it was surely only a matter of time before someone decided to add cottage cheese (god know’s why, but it worked!). The idea is that the cheese adds a salty flavour to the sweet tea, very popular in asian cooking. As a little tip, true aficionados will drink the tea without a straw, to ensure an even cheese to tea ratio in each mouthful!


Bao Xi

One of taiwan’s best exported foods, Boaxi (or Bao depending on where you are) and small, white, steamed parcels of heaven. Filled with everything from Cha Sha pork, to bamboo, to pickled cabbage, to sesame to sweet red bean, these are cheap and ready to eat snacks perfect for lunches on the go!



You know that stuff that makes you squeal a bit when you get into the sea (I’m always convinced my foot has just brushed the fin of a shark and not in fact a harmless strand of kelp), well the taiwanese eat it….and its delicious!

Served stewed, pickled or raw, kelp is a wonderful side dish that can be added to most meals, and is in fact one of nature’s superfoods. Sustainable and vegetarian, it can bring the taste of the ocean to any Taiwanese dining experience.


For more information on Taiwan, and how you can explore this magical country by bike, drop us a line at info@pedaltaiwan.com or check out our tour dates here


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