As one of the world’s most mountainous islands, Taiwan is home to some of the most dramatic, beautiful and rugged scenery in Asia. Choosing the best is therefore an extremely tough task. But the team behind Pedal Taiwan cycle tours have deliberated long and hard to come up with this hard-to-beat list of must-see destinations.

pedal taiwan cycling tours 

Lush forest, plunging gorges, vast beaches and precipitous mountain peaks dominate much of this beautiful country. Away from the industrial west coast, natural beauty is king on this small but stunning island. So the following list is by no means exhaustive – we could have made a top 10, top 20 or top 50!


And although we may be slightly biased, the best way to see these natural wonders is on two wheels via Taiwan’s world-class cycle route system. So we’ve made sure to pack these into our 12-day schedule – so you’ll be able to see for yourselves Taiwan at its absolute best:


Taroko Gorge

Taroko gorge pedal taiwan cycling

The signature day of the Pedal Taiwan tour takes in Taiwan’s most popular, spectacular and beautiful tourist destination. Carved out by monsoon rains over millions of years and home to hundreds of waterfalls, the 19km gorge is home to one of the most hair-raising cycling descents in Southeast Asia.


After climbing into the mountains on Day 4, the fifth day of the tour will see you descend through this incredible piece of geology


 Yangmingshan National Park

yangminshan pedal taiwan cycling tour

A stone’s throw away from the bustle of Teipei, the landscape could not be more different in Yangmingshan National Park. Home to the country’s highest dormant volcano – Seven Star Mountain – as well as numerous hot springs, waterfalls and river valleys, once here it is hard to believe you’re so close to the big city.


Experience one of the top hot springs in the region on Day 1 of the tour


 Yushan National Park

pedal taiwan cycling tour

Home to the highest peak in Taiwan at a lofty 3,952m, Yushan Mountain, this park is as rugged as it is beautiful. Capped during the winter months with thick snow and a barren, scree covered wasteland in the summer, the high peaks are truly wild. Access is via a well-protected National Park and owing to its remote location you can truly escape from the crowds here.



kenting pedal taiwan cycling tour

Situated on the southern tip of the island, the beaches of Kenting are the best in the country and the perfect place to unwind after 770km in the saddle. Offshore there is some of the best diving in the country and the region is well-known for being home to excellent surf breaks. Add to this fantastic local seafood and great scenery and it is clear why this is one of Taiwan’s most popular destinations.


Relax here on the beach for a couple of days at the end of the cycle tour, or grab a surfboard if you’re feeling more adventurous


 Sun Moon Lake

sun moon lake pedal taiwan cycling tour

The largest lake in Taiwan is also the most picturesque in the country. It is famous for its sunrise and sunset, so make sure you’re up early or on the eastern shore during the evening to see the lake at its absolute best. Make sure you hire a paddleboard, or head out on a boat trip during the day to see the tranquil waters at their absolute best.


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