14 Day Tour of Taiwan – November 2018

The 14-day, 1055km cycling tour offers a unique opportunity to ride stunning and challenging routes, in one of the most beautiful and undiscovered corners of the world. With its imposing mountain ranges (Jade Mountain stands at nearly 4000m), rolling paddy fields, gorgeous ocean roads, ultra-modern cycle lanes and world-famous cuisine, Taiwan provides the perfect blend of safety, comfort and adventure to make it an ideal location to explore by bike.

Tour Dates: 27th October -10th November 2018

Cost: £2299pp

Starting in the capital, Taipei, you’ll head east through the lush hills surrounding Taiwan’s capital, finding natural hot springs, waterfalls and hidden mountain communities along the way. You then hit the coast, where the East China Sea meets the Pacific, and from here hug the rugged coastline until we begin one of South East Asia’s most beautiful and challenging climbs, high into Taiwan’s central mountains. 

But what goes up must come down, so after reaching the peak you’ll enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity to glide more than 3000 vertical metres down through the iconic marble cliffs of Taichung County before reaching the idyllic Sun Moon Lake.

After a short transfer, we’ll reach Taiwan’s southernmost tip, Kenting. A surfing hot spot, grab a board or simply chill on the beach with an ice cold beer.

Back on the bike, you’ll head north through pristine Kenting National Park, before beginning a 3 day journey along stunning tropical coastline, as well as miles of ancient paddy fields and farming villages in Taiwan’s Rift Valley.

A final foray into the mountains will let you take on the route of the Taiwan KOM, and what is probably the toughest road climb in the world – Taroko Gorge. This is the exact route from the world famous race (won in 2017 by Vincenzo Nibali and Emma Pooley) and a ride that British pro-rider Lee Rodgers described as “a cycling pilgrimage”. 100km and 4000m of climbing, it’s certain to challenge even the greatest riders. 

From the top, it’s a breeze back into Taipei, with a few stops at hot springs and a world class whiskey distillery along the way of course!

With a vastly experienced guide and air conditioned support vehicles with you at all times, you can simply relax and enjoy the ride, as well as savour the delights Taiwan has to offer – think night markets, national parks, temples, waterfalls, natural hot springs and so much more!

A huge part of Taiwan’s incredible natural beauty comes from the severity and scale of the central mountain range that rises straight up from the Pacific Ocean. So whilst you’ll cover between 65km – 147km a day, expect to climb an average of 1500m on ascents that will match and better anything to be found in Europe.

Tour Dates: 27th October – 10th November 2018

Cost: £2299pp

For the full itinerary check out the tour brochure here!

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