About Bicycle NSW

Join Bicycle NSW as a member today and be covered under the best worldwide coverage for bike riding, available in NSW. Our valued members are crucial to achieving our goals and we are proud to work with them to create a better environment for cycling.

Become a Bicycle NSW Member and receive free legal advice! Enjoy a no obligation assessment of any potential bike riding claim or legal matter and ongoing discounts on all legal services.

Enjoy the Member’s Lounge at Spring Cycle by joining Bicycle NSW Today! Relax, refresh and mingle with fellow riders! Located at each finish site, the lounge is our way of thanking  our members with light refreshments, massages and a surprise guest or two will drop by!

The annual iconic Spring Cycle is the only cycling event that gives riders the unique opportunity to ride across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It attracts just under 10,000  participants every year. It is the one day where cyclists have priority on Sydney’s inner CBD roads. The riders get to cruise along the Cahill Expressway, past the Sydney  Opera House and into the historic Rocks area all car free. The Spring Cycle caters for all abilities, all types of bikes and all ages (kids ride free).

To find out more about becoming a member of Bicycle NSW or for more info on the fantastic Spring Cycle event:

visit the Bicycle NSW website

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