With its plunging ravines, steep mountains and abundant rainfall, Taiwan is home to some truly spectacular waterfalls. Chris, from the team here at Pedal Taiwan, selects the best:



Coming from the UK – where water fountains are more common than waterfalls – one of the most impressive things to see when abroad is water thundering over huge cliffs, surrounded by lush forests, spray swirling into the sky above.

But in Taiwan, the climate and geography of the island combine perfectly to make it home to some of the most picturesque and impressive waterfalls around. Here’s our top five – and the best news is that our tour passes by two of these natural wonders:




Widely regarded as Taiwan’s most photogenic waterfall and for good reason. It may not be the highest, roughest or noisiest, but it more than makes up for this by its natural beauty. The forested setting is as good as they get and the dramatic horseshoe shape certainly makes for a great photo… You won’t have to wait long to see the falls in all their glory – the Pedal Taiwan tour stops by on Day 2.


Xiao Wulai


Seeing a waterfall from below is impressive, but what about from above through a glass-floored viewing platform? You may need a head for heights, but the view from the newly-built Skywalk is more than worth it. Especially so after heavy rain when floodwaters crash down over 50m from the top – that’s double the largest drop you’ll see in England.



When the trails are open, access to the top part of the three-tiered waterfall leads to one of the best wild swimming spots in the whole of Taiwan. The pool is filled with crystal clear water that plunges down through a lush green bowl of jungle vegetation. Perfect for cooling off after 40km in the saddle on Day 3 of the Pedal Taiwan tour.





The Taroko Gorge is home to some pretty incredible scenery – none more so than the Baiyang Waterfalls. These tower over the narrow valley, sending thousands of litres of water towards the sea every second. Perhaps the most impressive part however is seen on the walk there – where else in the world can you walk through tunnels with their very own waterfalls? See the falls for yourself on Day 5 of the Pedal Taiwan tour as we descend through the gorge itself.




Our final choice runs the Shifen Falls very closely to lay claim to the title of Taiwan’s most beautiful waterfall. A short distance from Xiao Wulai and only an hour from the capital city of Taipei, this is a popular destination. Sadly Typhoon Soudelor damaged a lot of the trails in 2015, but here at Pedal Taiwan we’re in no doubt that these will reopen and the waterfall site will return to its former glory as soon as possible.


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