After a big day riding, there’s nothing like a nice long soak in the tub. How many of you have been able to do it in a completely natural bath outside though?! Pedal Taiwan brings you a few of the amazing natural hot springs you can find on our tours

Best Taiwan hot springs

Everybody loves a dunk, but on our tour you get to bathe in a way most people will never have dreamed of. The volcanic nature of Taiwan means that all over the island natural hot springs shoot out of the earth, creating the perfect organic bath – minus the bubbles of course! Here’s what we think are the best of the best:



Beitou Hot Springs:


Beitou hot springs

Perhaps not the most tranquil of hot springs, but certainly one of the best known. A short MRT ride from the centre of Taipei, Beitou springs are some of the most frequently visited in the country. An interconnected series of springs, formed by the Datun volcano group, the infrastructure here means they’re a perfect place to visit for people without transportation who are staying in Taipei City.





Lengshuikeng hot spring

If you were wondering why our photo doesn’t show more of the spring, the spring rules are exactly the same way as they have been since it was set up by the Japanese in the late 1800s – women and men have different sections, and there are strictly no bathing suits allowed!

In Chinese, Lengshuikeng is actually called a cold spring because the water temperature is only 40 degrees celsius! The spring can be found on the east side of Quixingshan mountain, and is the perfect way to end a day hiking or cycling through Yangminshan National Park.






You know those tanks of fish that people put their feet into? Well if you’ve only ever seen them in cities, now’s your chance to see the real thing! Up in the mountains near Yilan, is Tangweigou where doctor fish will happily provide a pedicure while you soak. Rumoured to be the location that started the process, come and see for yourself where the fad started!



Governor General Hot Spring


govenor general hot spring

Admittedly not the most catchy name in the world, but the vista at Governor General more than makes up for it.

One of the oldest hot spring resorts in Taiwan, you can soak and relax whilst looking out over the pacific ocean. I bet you’ve never had a bath quite like that!



Fuyan Valley


fuyan valley

Quite simply one of the most picturesque spots in all of Taiwan. The mineral rich stream which flows through next to the hot springs is a breeding ground for butterflies. Watch them flutter across the backdrop of the waterfall, or wait for dusk and witness the enchanting fireflies glowing above the pools.



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