Religion is a big part of Taiwanese culture, particularly for those following Buddhism and Taoism – around two-thirds of the population. As a result the country is home to some stunning temples, many of which we’ll glide past come October on the Pedal Taiwan tour



There are more than 15,000 temples dotted across the Taiwanese countryside and in its cities. Each one is very different, but each plays an important role in local culture, serving as a focal point for local communities.

During the Pedal Taiwan tour we’ll pass some of Taiwan’s most historic, well-known and beautiful temples. Dropping in is actively encouraged – which we’ll be sure to do! Chris has the lowdown on the highlights:


Lungshan Temple of Manka

This is perhaps the most famous temple in Taipei. Built way back in 1738, it has survived earthquakes, typhoons, fires and World War II to still stand proud in the Wanhua District of the city. If you’re arriving early for the tour then make sure you visit!


Chaungchun Temple


We’ll make a special effort to stop and view this spectacular temple on Day 5 of the tour, which sits nestled into the mountainside above the Taroko Gorge. Built in memory of the 212 army veterans that lost their lives during construction of the famous road, it bridges a constantly gushing spring to symbolise the ever-lasting nature of their sacrifice.


Dragon and Tiger Pagoda


It may be only 39 years old, but the two towers are perhaps Taiwan’s most iconic symbol of Buddhism. The seven-storey pagodas stand over the Lotus Lake near to Kaohsiung and are particularly impressive at sunrise and sunset.


Fo Guang Shan Temple


Another temple in the port town of Kaohsiung, this is one of the most impressive sites of the Buddhist world. It is home to a huge gold Buddha statue (at 108m it is the largest sitting Buddha in the world) and an avenue of eight pagodas, but the most important part is a Buddha’s tooth relic, presented to the site by a Tibetan Lama. Naturally this is a popular site, so try and visit as early or late as possible.


Baoan Temple


Especially beautiful at night, this is another site to see when you arrive in Taipei before the Pedal Taiwan tour.  Minutes away from the Yuanshan Metro station, this is arguably the most impressive temple in the city. Intricate carvings cover the outside of the temple making this particularly photogenic.


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