The toughest climb in all of East Asia. Pulling away from the gorgeous coastline, the optional day 4 of the Pedal Taiwan tour will test even advanced riders. Are you up to the challenge?



If cycling is your thing, then chances are you’ve attempted some serious climbing. Alpe d’Huez and perhaps even Mount Tiede ticked off the list, you’re looking for the next challenge….well baby you’ve found it!

Starting from sea level in Yilan, Day 4 of the Pedal Taiwan tour is a 60km climb, lifting us 3000m high into the central mountain range. To put that in comparison, that is the equivalent of 6 Sa Calobras or 24 Box Hill’s!


The ride begins in Yilan, and we meander out through beautiful countryside before reaching the base of the mountain. As the mountains approach, you get a real sense of the scale of the ride ahead. Nothing rewarding was ever easy I guess!



From here, we begin our climb towards Datong. A gorgeous mountain township, harboured in the foothills of the Taipingshan National Forest.



Onwards and upwards, we continue the climbing all the way to the summit, Lishan. This is one of the highest passes in the world that it’s possible to cycle, and boy is it worth it!

Two treats await you in Lishan – firstly it is a staggeringly beautiful place. Famous as being one of the best places in the world to watch the sunrise, Lishan is so high up it often appears to be floating above a sea of clouds. The rising sun will appear out of the mist and reflect spectacularly on all the clouds lower down in the valley.



Secondly, what goes up must go down! Whether you attempted the climb or not, day 5 is a breathtaking 80km coast down towards the Pacific – which will be covered next time!


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