Our penultimate day of the Pedal Taiwan tour takes us along our final stretch of the East coast. Picture perfect coastline will frame the views all the way to the small foothill town of Taimali. Cameras at the ready!

Nearly there! Just two more days and we will have successfully cycled from the northernmost point of Taiwan to the southernmost point. Having rejoined the Pacific the day before, day 9 is an opportunity for a slightly easier ride before the final day of climbing.

From our waterfront hotel in Donghe, we continue south. To our left, some of the most picturesque coastline in the world, and to our right,  the stunning Dulan Forest National park for company.

Beyond Dulan, we will reach the outskirts of the East coast’s second city; Taitung. Renowned for it’s growing coffee culture, it provides an ideal location for a quick caffeine injection!

Refuelled and revitalised, we will wind through the old streets of Taitung before rejoining the east coast countryside and it’s idilic farming communities.

A short ride further along the coast and we will reach our rest stop for the evening in Taimali. A beautiful farming village, built into the foothills looking out over the ocean, it provides a perfect location to relax, hike, and prepare for our final, and reasonably tough day of riding!


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