The first day of the Pedal Taiwan cycling tour introduces you gently. We track the coast all the way to the cape, reaching the northernmost point in all of Taiwan. From here on in, it’s all south, until we meet the southern tip 12 days later.



The first taste you’ll get of Taiwan will certainly not disappoint! On Day 1 we will begin by tracking the river path out through taipei city towards the coast in the north. We quickly traverse the busy streets of central Taipei, soaking in the wonderful sounds and smells of Taiwan’s thriving capital City. For more information on this miraculous city, check out our guide to the best sights in Taipei!

Its not long, however, until we reach the river, and the dedicated cycle path that tracks along it. This beautiful cycle lane will quickly lead us away from the hustle and bustle of the city, all the way along to the old fishing town of Tamsui. The beautiful winding streets and vibrant market offer up a host of Taiwan’s delicacies.

Tamsui Wharf

From Tamsui we continue north, tracking around the outside of the volcano group that make up Yangminshan National park. The scenery on this stretch is breathtaking, with tranquil ocean on one side and towering climbs on the other.

govenor general hot spring

Hot Springs with a view!

Just past the cape, we reach possibly the most beautiful natural hot spring in all the world. Soak in the organic hot-tub for a while, as you savour the views, looking out over the East China Sea.

Finally we carry on down the coast until we reach the port town of Keelung. When Taiwan was under the control of Japan, this harbour served as the main trading port for all goods from the mainland, and it’s still easy to feel the history embedded in the city today.

A well earned rest is recommended, as tomorrow we will be tackling climbs to see two of Taipei’s must see landmarks. To read more check out Day 2!


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