Cycling can be a draining sport and we’re always looking for that extra edge. But let’s be honest, most of those high energy gels just taste grim. At Pedal Taiwan, we believe it is possible to avoid hitting the wall without guzzling down sachet after sachet of sweet sticky sludge.

Best cycling food snacks

High protein energy bars, energy gels, isotonic rehydration sachets – great for convenience, especially if you’re racing, but they’re very expensive and usually don’t taste anywhere near as good as proper food. Whether you’re exploring Taiwan, or out on a training ride, you should always have some food in your pocket just in case of the dreaded ‘bonk’ but it needn’t be a bar that cost as much as your lunch. Here are a few ideas for cheap, easy and tasty foods that you can carry conveniently in a jersey pocket:


 1. A banana – obviously!


cycling food snacks

Ah the trusty banana. Nature’s own transportable energy boost. As well as giving your sugar levels a much needed bump, bananas are incredibly high in potassium which will help you avoid cramp at the end of the ride. Look at that; they’re your energy fix and your recovery supplement all rolled into one!

 2. A jam or honey sandwich

pb and j cycling foods

I know what you’re thinking and you’re absolutely right, we’ve all got a pocket somewhere that’s been ruined by a jam sandwich. Don’t spread the jam too thickly otherwise it’ll leak out and get everything sticky. Put your sandwich in a plastic bag and you’ll have a yummy combination of sugar and carbs. Or avoid the stickiness all together with a peanut butter sandwich. These are ideal for a longer ride, providing protein and fats along with the carbs and sugars.


3. Breakfast biscuits



Lots of brands are available. A box usually contains packs of 2-3 biscuits that are great for nibbling during your ride. I like the Belvita ones myself, but most are pretty similar and you can’t really go wrong.


4. Oat cakes

oat cakes

Ideal for taking with you on a ride, these often come in a box with separately wrapped packs of oat cakes. They’re quick, they’re convenient, and if there’s one thing I remember from the Readybrek adverts its that oats are a great slow releasing carbohydrate. Flavours include chocolate, ginger and fruit and they’re all delicious.


5. Malt loaf

maltloaf cycling food pedal taiwan

Ok perhaps not the most 21st century item on this list, but as any aging DJ will tell you, the oldies are the goodies. It’s low in fat, high in energy, keeps for ages and gets stuck in your teeth so you can continue to enjoy it after you’ve chewed it! You can get individually wrapped ones too, although I prefer a big chunk off a loaf….just make sure to wrap it properly.


These are just a few of our ideas of course, so what are your top snacks when you ride? Let us know with a comment on our facebook page!


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